Studio Services

Private Yoga Session $60-70- Jodie, Camilo, Barry

Ashtanga $80 /hr- Jodie, Krista

Private Reiki Session, Aura Clearing, Chord Cutting, Chakra Balancing $35 1/2hr- $65 /hr- Jodie , Denise, Beth, Dustin, Donna, 

Integrated Massage Therapy $80/hr –Beth 

Yogic Accupressure $65/hr–Camilo 

Private Coaching $100 /hr (Topics: Yoga Asana, Adjustments, Alignment)– Jodie, Camilo

Private Musical Therapy, Musical Meditation, Basic Music Lessons, Bhajans $60-$100/hr- Jodie



Dustin's Meditation Services

Advanced Energy Healing (Image Cycling) $80

Private Session/Coaching $80 (1.5 hrs)

Private Session Savings Packages:

Mindfulness Practice & Principles $60 (2 hrs)

Basic Self Affirmations & Manifestation $140 (3 hrs)

Advanced Manifestation & Image Cycling $140 (3 hrs)

Emotional Freedom Training $280 (6 hrs)

Group Sessions:

Advanced Journey Group $20

Spiritual Journeys $15

Yoga for the Mind $15

Mindful Journeys $15

Private Sessions Premium Packages!

Design Your Personality Private Program $2,000 (30 Sessions, 45hrs) (One Space Remaining)

Design Your Personality Private Group $1,500 (30 Sessions, 45hrs) Max 2 People

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